September 17, 2021

9 best tweets of the week, including turtles, the chef emoji, and fighting the sea

We made it through the work week and into the long holiday weekend and to that I say: Great job, everyone. 

If you live in the United States, then you’re set to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to the summer. Hopefully, you’ve got some nice plans and you’re able to see loved ones safely, which feels like an impossible luxury these days. 

To celebrate the end of the week, we collected some good posts because we enjoy doing that here. Have some laughs and soak some sun: Here are our nine favorite tweets of the week. 

1. Damn it hurts to not be invited to this party

2. Oh man, how did this happen? Everyone be advised.

3. Just remembering a once in a lifetime tweet

4. Honestly I have an inordinate amount of respect for whomever buried this safe

5. I didn’t know this was a thing others did, but when I was a young child I used to jump and dropkick waves as they crashed over me

6. Just text them!

7. Gotta get your reps in before it’s game day

8. Obligatory dril tweet

9. And finally, this

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